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Does your child play any instrument besides piano? If yes, what instrument(s)? Learning privately or at school? Does he/she like to perform on this instrument?*

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About the Parents

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Would you be willing to double your child's practice time and support your child in this effort if I recommend him/her to participate in competitive events?*

Do you think your child has musical talent? If yes, why do you think so?*

Are you concerned that your child is losing interest in learning an instrument? If yes, why do you think so?*

Do you have other children who have learned, are learning, or would like to learn the piano?*

Why do you like the idea that your child learns piano? Does your child like music? Is it your dream? Was it advised for health related reason by medical doctor? What are your expectations?*

Student's Piano Experience

Will your child be practicing on an acoustic or digital piano? What kind/brand/model?*  

If you own a digital piano, how soon will you be able to purchase or rent an acoustic piano?*  

Is the practice piano located in your home?*

NOTE: If your child has not played piano previously, please enter NA in response to the remaining questions in this section.

If your child has taken piano lessons, did he/she take 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons? How many lessons per week? For how many months/years?*  

What does he/she play now? Please list repertoire, if any*:  

How good is he/she in sight-reading, music theory, and ear training?*  

Do you think your child has a good ear? Absolute pitch? Good sense of rhythm?*

Are you aware of any problems with technique?*  

Are you aware of any problems with hand position and touch? Are you aware of any bad habits?*  

Does your child play scales, arpeggios, chords, exercises, etudes, studies, Hanon, Czernie, and/or Schmitt?*  

Does he/she know how to master the details of a piece, set a goal, and work toward the result?*  

Does he/she play with expression of feeling (musically)?*  

Does your child like to perform? And does your child like to perform specifically on piano?*  

Has your child participated in recitals, competitions, and festivals?*

How long is the student's practice per day? How many days per week?*

How much did you help your child in the beginning?*  

Do you help him/her now, or is he/she totally independent?*  

Are you switching teachers? How many teachers have you had in total? Please provide names, tell how long you studied with each teacher, and describe why you switched.*

Almost Done!

Is the student allergic to dogs?*

Are you willing to volunteer at our studio recitals (twice per year)? If yes, what kind of help: recital program design, recital program printing, photography, video recording, stage manager, usher, emcee, organize reception, set up, clean up, post pictures on Facebook, upload videos to YouTube?*

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Thanks so much in your interest in the Russian Music Academy of America (RMAOA). If you are mailing a printed application, please use the address listed on our Contact Us page. Elza Ritter will contact you when she receives the application.

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